China best CNC High Speed Dry Cutting Gear Hobbing Machine (Ghe-210CNC7) near me factory

Merchandise Description

CNC High Speed Dry Reducing Gear Hobbing Machine 

Equipment Summary:
The equipment with dry-cutting procedure is a new technology. It is created and developed up to the recent internation sophisticated level.
The equipment is of 7 axes with 4 axes coordinated control. It is agent of environmental security, automation, versatile, higher velocity & efficient developing pattern of the world’s manufacturing industries and is embodies design and style idea of the men and women-oriented and green producing. It is suited for the industries that create gearbox gears on a large-scale manufacturing under large precision and dry hobbing, these kinds of as automotive, car and and so on.
Functionality and Characteristic: 
one. The machine is of 7 axes with 4 axes coordinated controlled. Every movement axis is pushed independently by AC servo-motor. Based on tje theory of creating approach, with carrying out index and differential compensation motions by digital gearbox(EGB), the equipment is designed to minimize cylindrical spur & helical gears, crowning or slightly tapered gears, splines, worm wheels and sprockets etc. Its CNC axes are as follows:
A-axis–hob head wivel motion
B-axis–hob spindle rotary movement
C-axis–worktable rotary movement
X-axis–radial feed movement
Y-axis–tangential feed movement
Z-axis–axial feed movement
Z2-axis–axial feed motion of the tailstock
Four axes coordinated management of the regular machine: B, C, X and Z.
2. High pace & dry-reducing device increase 2-3 occasions efficiency much more than damp-slicing one particular.

Common Arrangement:
1. The large velocity & dry-chopping CNC equipment hobbing equipment if of 7 axes 1 wth 4 axes coordinated manage. The column is new gantry building and the workstay is fixed. Radial feed unit can have out radial feed movement. Meanwhile the device integral rigidity is improved, source a thoroughly clean & strictly safeguarded chopping location. Funnel sort internal guards is best. Chip can be taken off swiftly to be beneficial to integral thermal balance of the device.
2. The hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic programs are concentrated and set up on the rear facet of the device. The electrical cabinet is set up on the remaining side and vehicle workpiece storage is mounted on the correct side of the machine.
3. The worktable adopts tremendous precision helical gearing to carry out substantial velocity rotation of index gearing and is outfitted with clearance-eliminating mechanism.
4. Chopping location safeguarding and swift chip-conveying engineering.
5. Ultra dry-reducing method of green environmental protection by way of analysis on spindle pace, hob knowledge, feed fee, slicing force and chip thickness to sort best dry hobbing process data program.
6. High precision and rigidity roller linear guideways imported are adopted for each and every linear movement areas. Tremendous precision ball screw is adopted. Ball screw adopts higher precision and rigidity compound bearings assist so that drastically enhance rigidity of the elements and movement accuracy.
7. Oriented surroundings welcoming and ecolodic rewards style, finite elecment topology investigation of constructional parts and modal investigation to make certain high rigidity meanwhile reduce mass of relocating components, oprimize driving traits, and have out vitality preserving and environment welcoming design and style.
Technological Parameters

Specifications  Units GHE-210CNC7
Max. workpiece diameter  mm 210
Max. module  mm 4/five
Hob head slide travel(Z-axis) mm 300
Max. swivel angle of the hob head  deg. ±45
Hob spindle speed range(B-axis) rpm a hundred-1500/2000(stepless)
Hob spindle motor power  kw fifteen
Hob spindle rated torque  N.m 285
Max. worktable speed(C-axis) rpm two hundred
Axial(Z-axis) rapid speed  mm/min 4000
Radial(X-axis) rapid speed mm/min 8000
Tangential hob shifting(Y-axis) rapid speed  mm/min 4000
Max. hob mounting size(dia.*duration) mm one hundred thirty*230
Max. hob axial travel  mm one hundred eighty
Center distance range between the hob and the worktable  mm thirty-one hundred eighty
Distance range between the hob axis and the worktable surface  mm 195-495
Hob spindle taper bore    HSK63(1:ten)
Worktable surface diameter  mm 190
Worktable bore diameter  mm 75
Distance between the tailstock center end face and the worktable surface mm 350-680
Total power  Kva 47
Overall dimension  cm 367*288*270
N.W kg 12000
Electrical & hydraulic station case dimensions cm 283*193*297
No. of cases   2 cases in total

 Common Attachments:
Φ40 hob arbor assembly
Entirely enclosed machine guards
Air flushing chip technique
Metered lubrication system
NC system(SIEMENS 840D)
Twin-hand manage technique
Car loading/unloading system
Chip conveyor and chip cart
Air CZPT & dry gadget
Asynchronous fast retraction soon after energy off
Auto workpiece storage
Spindle positioning
Workpiece clamping device
Dust collection unit
Hydraulic and lubrication programs
RS232 interface
Electrical cupboard with air conditioner
Isolating vibration pads

Optional Attachments:
Workpiece fixture
Unbiased hob changing system
Cutting cone root spline
Deburing device
Man-device discussion programming
Φ32 hob arbor assembly
Automobile tooth alignment device
machining worm wheel with tangential strategy

Commercial Factors:
Germany SIEMENS 840D CNC method
Germany Siemens encoder
Germany Euchner basic safety change
Germany Steinmeyer ball screw
Germany CZPT star linear recirculating roller
Germany CZPT advice method
Germany FAG/INA or Japan NSK tremendous precision bearings
The us CZPT hydraulic factors
Germany FESTO/SILVENT pneumatic components
Germany Busak+Shamban/Dichtomatik sealing factors
Gearmany Vogel metered lubrication system
South Korean dust assortment system
ZheJiang oil CZPT for lubricant
Germmany STOBER or ZheJiang APEX reducer

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China best CNC High Speed Dry Cutting Gear Hobbing Machine (Ghe-210CNC7)     near me factory