China factory Auto Carboard Thin Edge Slitter with Free Design Custom

Solution Description



Mark of main becoming used in carboard paper.




The machine is driven by stepless motor and its power is transmitted synchronically with gears and sprocket wheels. It is highlighted with reduced noise, sleek generate and straightforward adjustment of breadth. The paper separating blade is manufactured of 1.2mm higher-energy alloy and feeding rollers are manufactured of rubber(steel alternative)that leave no marks on paper. The device is mistake-free of charge in paper separating and good at conserving electricity with decrease fee. Outfitted with car and manual blade milling device, the machine can make sure easy edges of the paper and non shrunken corrugations and is recongized as the perfect products for carbon box and packing industries.

Spec/Product TS-2000 TS-2400 TS-3000
Max. sheet width 2000mm 2400mm 2800mm
Pace 130m/min 130m/min 130m/min
Slitting head 4ea 4ea 4ea
Creasing head 6set 6set 6set
Electrical power 4kw 4kw 4kw
Bodyweight 1700kg 1900kg 2100kg
L x W x H 2600x1500x1400mm 3100x1500x1400mm 3400x1500x1400mm

Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Folder Gluer Stitcher Corrugated Box Maker

Product Machine functions

*lead edge feeding program. ( lead edge vacuum roller feeding program. )
*leading / bottom printing technique. 
*solitary or twin slot method
*substantial high quality content with suited fittings is employed for the machine. 
*the travel gears undertake alloy metal, and then heated to ensure hardness, with grinded surface. 
*all the decrease feeding roller utilised a bigger diameter to enhance touch spot of paper, to ensure fluent processing and precise printing. 
*there are oilless bearings between body and eccentric gear seat to minimize dress in-out of frame and boost equipment employing life. 
*we adopt no-crucial link(signifies swelling connection) to minimize printing inaccuracy. 
*in accordance to intercontinental stability normal, all the areas are with basic safety angles and all the motors with protective go over. 
*all the rollers undertake exceptional content with hardness and thickness chrome and 2 times grinding, and handed harmony screening. 
*computerized return to zero place. 
*the equipment is developed according to high prerequisite, trustworthiness, protection and lovely attribute, automated change / save order and simple to procedure. 
*all the rollers are plated with chromium to enhance hardness. 
*undertake PLC with touch screen for multifunction handle, automatic reset technique soon after cleansing the printing plate. 
*most of the electrical parts we use are from intercontinental CZPT makes. 
*specific style and excellent good quality will meet up with your prerequisite. 
*device management technique is created by Korea engineers, exactly where workers are simple to learn and operate. 

Requirements for each units

1. Feeder device
1.1 technicanl parameter 

Feeding method Direct edge feeding technique
Zero position Automatic
Overall counter Touch screen display
Device speed Touch display screen
Sheet clearer Suction bolower & brush for sheet cleaning
Side manual place Motorized, .2kw×2ea, touch display exhibit
Entrance cease position Motorized, .1kw, by jog switch
Again cease place Motorized, .2kw, by jog switch
Feed roll nip manage Motorized, .2kw, contact display show
Device open/shut Motorized, .4kw, by jog swap
Reduced suction blower seven.5 kw
Principal motor Inverter manage: 37kw 

* element technological parameter can be offer if need

1.2 photo

two. Printer unit
two.1 technicanl parameter 

Best printing method Optional
Base printing program Optional
Vacuum transfer technique Optional
Ceramic anilox roller Optional
Chamber medical professional blade Optional
Physician roller inking program Diaphragm variety ink pump
Register program Printing register is electronic managed by motor and PLC
Straightforward to handle by indicates of reset “” technique
Zero situation Automatic
Print cylinder sign up Motorized .4kw, contact monitor exhibit
Print cylinder facet management Motorized .2kw, contact screen show
Impress roll nip management Motorized .2kw, touch monitor screen
Pull roll nip manage Motorized .2kw, touch screen exhibit
Anilox roller clearance Motorized .1kw, touch display screen display
Physician roller clearance Motorized .2kw, contact display screen
Doctor roller motor Geared .4kw
Gear box oil stage Automated management (all device the very same) 

* element specialized parameter can be offer if want

2.2 picture

three. Slotter unit
3.1 technicanl parameter 

Dual slot system No want mechanical adjustment for greater carton peak
Zero place Computerized
Panel dimension Motorized(.4kw X 4ea), touch monitor exhibit
Slot depth measurement Motorized(.4kw), contact screen show
Box top size Motorized(.4kw), touch screen screen
Cleaser nip handle Motorized, .2kw, contact display screen
Slotter nip management Motorized, .2kw, contact monitor display
Scrap conveyor .4kw 

* element technological parameter can be supply if need to have

3.2 photograph

four. Die-cutter unit
four.1 technicanl parameter 

Zero situation Automated
Die roll sign-up Motorized .4kw, contact monitor exhibit
Die roll facet manage Motorized .2kw, contact screen screen
Anvil roll transversal motion Automated 70mm
Anvil roll clearance Motorized .4kw, touch display screen
Pull roll nip control Motorized .2kw, touch display screen show
Scrap conveyor .4kw 

* depth specialized parameter can be give if need to have

four.2 image

five. Gluer / stitcher folder & count ejector device
5.1 technicanl parameter 

Down folding technique Optional
Up folding program Optional
Belt transportation method With information bar leads the carton box and helps make folding mor precise
Box squaring system     
Major motor AC 15kw, CZPT control
Facet guidebook positation .4kw X 2ea, contact screen exhibit
Glue head placement .4kw X 1ea, contact display screen screen
Pusher .75kw
Suction blower 2.2kw X 2ea, 1.5kw X 1ea      
Base stacking system The bins stack from base to top
Suction belt conveyor For the best conveying precision
Count ejector technique For high velocity manufacturing
Primary motor seven.5kw
Front quit place .4kw, touch screen exhibit
Back stop place .4kw, contact scereen display
Ejecting line handle Touch monitor show
Middle line handle .4kw
Suction blower 2.2kw
Belt conveyor .75kw 

* element complex parameter can be supply if require

five.2 image

Carton Pictures

About Big

Giant Packaging Machinery company is the maker of carton producing equipment, these kinds of as flexo printing, slotting, die-slicing, glueing, stitching, folding, and many others.

Huge is a wholly Korean-owned enterprises, manufacturing facility at Korea & China. 
Big equipment all have national patents and CE certification, already passed audit by BV, SGS

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China factory Auto Carboard Thin Edge Slitter     with Free Design Custom