China factory China Manufacturer Srp95m Plus Shantui Asphalt Concrete Paver Machine with Free Design Custom

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China Company Srp95m Plus Shantui  Asphalt Concrete Paver Device

Item Description

Power Program

 SRP95M Furthermore paver is run by China-III compliant  BF6M or  SC9D turbocharged diesel engine, showcasing low noise and emission, robust energy, higher trustworthiness and sturdiness, and powerful gas adaptability.

Repairs and maintenances

 The integrally openable engine hood and remaining and proper doorways make all repair and maintenance details, such as all working pumps, control valves, and CZPT components, easily accessible. 

 The centralized lubrication method supplies lubricating grease instantly to bearings of scraper conveyor and spiral distributor.

Driving/Driving Environment

 The manage console can be laterally slide and vertically altered to meet up with the genuine demands of different operators. 

 The still left and right seats can be rotated to the outer aspect of machine human body and the streamline cab structure gives a good eyesight. 

 The huge glass fiber bolstered plastic canopy is very easily telescopic in the two sides to provide a comfortable driving/driving surroundings.

 The canopy and the exhaust tail pipe can be lifted and lowered concurrently by the manually-operated hydraulic pump to improve the maneuverability and convenience of the operator.

Feeding gadget

 The lengthened and widened substantial-capability hopper achieves high productiveness. 

 The spring-cushioned thrust roller can remarkably lessen the effect of feeder on to the paver and attain higher operating high quality.

Conveyance/distribution program

 Four sets of independent entire-hydraulic remaining and right materials conveyance/distribution techniques are adopted and the ultrasonic sensing manage technology is adopted for the content stage management to ensure the uniform substance offer in entirely proportional manner. 

 The large diameter and huge pitch spiral distribution composition characteristics energy distribution capability, lower distribution pace, and low segregation. 

 The remaining and correct spiral distributors can be pushed individually and the ground clearance of distributors is steplessly adjustable to adapt to paving requirements of different thicknesses.

Touring system

 The hydraulic technique is managed by independent remaining and correct micro-computer systems to attain very good lower-velocity security and linear driving efficiency. 

 The generate sprockets, idlers, observe rollers, CZPT rollers, and tracks of domestic renowned brand names are applied and the extended tracks are independently driven to accomplish higher travel torque and uniform pace and assure the paving flatness and uniform compactness.

Product Parameters


Parameter title SRP95M In addition (Regular version)
Performance parameters  
Working bodyweight (Kg) 30000
Standard paving width (m) two.five
Highest paving width (m) nine.5
Optimum paving thickness (mm) 350
Highest productiveness (t/h) 850
Engine model SC9D/BF6M
Rated energy/rated pace (kW/rpm) 162/2000159/2000
Overall dimensions  
General proportions of machine (mm) 7300*9500*3800
Driving functionality  
Touring speed (km/h) ~2.four
Paving pace (m/min) ~eighteen
Chassis System  
Hopper capability (t) fifteen
Working gadget  
Screed DM9525Q

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China factory China Manufacturer Srp95m Plus Shantui Asphalt Concrete Paver Machine     with Free Design Custom