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Merchandise Description

Fast Particulars:
Structure: Chain Conveyor
Material: Metal
Voltage: 380v
Substance Function: Heat Resistant
Load Capacity: sixty-600m3/h
Power(W):  5500-55000w
Materials: Paper pulp or waste paper plate
Capability(m3/h):  60-600
Width of chain plate(mm): 1200-2600
Max.Restrict of Material (mm): one thousand-2400
Software: Paper business
Attribute: Higher Capability
Warranty: 1 Year

Chain Conveyor
Chain conveyor is utilised for conveying waste paper and pulp board to the pulper. The conveying speed is adjustable.

Major Specialized Parameters:

Sort HT-1200 HT-1400 HT-1600 HT-1800 HT-2000 HT-2200 HT-2400
Width of conveyor: mm 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400
Conveying velocity:m/min 0-6
Inclined angle: ° 20-25
Energy: kw 11-fifteen 15-22 22-30 thirty-37 37-45

Application: Chain conveyors are primarily utilised in the papermaking sector to transportation a assortment of loose or bundled components, which can be transported horizontally or with a slope of less than 30°. Mainly employed for feeding squander paper, pulp board to pulper.
Chain feed width :1200-2600mm   
Ability feed:sixty-600m3/h   
Motor power:3-55kw

Chain conveyor variety substance managing devices offering mainly utilized for conveying different kinds of pulp board, waste paper in bulk and in bundle which can be horizontal conveyor or inclined conveyor(<30°).

Meant particularly for loading of squander pape(free or in bales) or chemical pulp into a pulper.As to the layout, standard proportions and parameters might vary and can be tailored to particular projects.

How to use it ?
Put squander paper (unfastened or in bales), respectively chemical pulp, is loaded in a hopper and from below conveyed by means of a conveying chain or a band to its discharging position in which falling into a pulper upper body.

Chain conveyor features:
Trough plate punch forming which higher energy and exceptional in crushing effect.
two.Chain board adopts closed layout to prevent material leaking.
three.Two rows of idler traction chain and hollow roller shaft,and oil can be injected from pin roll to shaft sleeve and dress in-resistant zinc-copper bushing.
four.Two rows of chain adopt prolonged axis to avert chain managing deviation.
five.Chain wheel adopts forged steel to improve use-resistant.
6.Raw content feeding plate adopts V design( a lot more than efficient conveying width 400mm) to improve uncooked material throughput
seven.Orbit kind managing,function steadily and reliably, with low friction and reduced electrical power consumption.

Chain conveyor primary spare parts:
a. Head generate : electrical motor , reducer
b.Tail drive: tail shaft,Sprocket pushed
c.generate equipment, Lively sprocket unit
d.chain plate components
e. frames ,
f. Pressure gadget

Chain conveyor packaging and delivery:
1.Worldwide deal(wood case,carbon solid and pallet).
two.Container(as consumer needs)
3.It is appropriate for extended length CZPT transportation and some tiny components can be transported by air.


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China factory Pulper Feeding Conveyor     near me shop