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Product Description

manual workstations gravity roller conveyor program for household furniture transport
guide workstations gravity roller conveyor program for furniture transportation
guide workstations gravity roller conveyor method for household furniture transportation
Conveyor sector traits
In CZPT moments, CZPT automation regular is beginning to be the image of company modernization in distinct fields, such as foodstuff market, pharmaceuticals business,logistics,
chemical sector and so forth, so conveyor equipment is much more and much more crucial as automated tools.
Company introduction:
We HangZhou Syoung Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing and exporting conveyor equipment for a lot of years. 
We have expert technical engineer staff, which have more than 20 years knowledge in conveyor answers for diverse fields.
We are engaged in customizing different size conveyor as clients’ specifications and needs, which acquired very good opinions from our clientele.

gravity roller conveyor technique Brief Introduction
Roller conveyor applies to convey all kinds of goods like boxes, bags, packages, parcels, trays, pallets etc, the bulk material, small article or irregular goods should be put on pallets or  turnover box.

gravity roller conveyor system classification
unpowered roller conveyor, powered roller conveyor, telescopic roller conveyor, turning roller conveyor and so forth.
gravity roller conveyor technique compositions
It is mainly composed by the transmission roller, frame,bracket, driving device etc.
gravity roller conveyor system parameters 
Driving sort: Powered,unpowered,electric roller
Structure: Amount conveying, tilting conveying and turning conveying
Turning radius: 600mm,900mm,1200mm
Roller diameter: 38mm,50mm,60mm,76mm,89mm
Roller material: SUS304/Galvanized carbon metal
Frame substance: Spraying carbon metal,stainless steel,aluminum
Dynamic form: reduction motor driving,elecric roller driving etc
Transmission form: single sprocket wheel,double sprocket wheel,O variety belt,aircraft friction transmission belt,Synchronous belt etc
Velocity adjustment form: frequency management,stepless speed etc

Attributes of gravity roller conveyor system
1.Simple structure, high reliability, convenience in operation and maintenance.
2.Large throughput, quick speed, running fast
three.Realize many varieties of transmission of collineation and distributary.

A lot more particulars of gravity roller conveyor system:

gravity roller conveyor system packing&Delivery:
Normally packed in Plywood situation.
Shipment within ten~20 doing work days after the progress/entire payment.
Our Services:
Our warranty is 12 months from the equipment leaving manufacturing unit.
We have specialist engineer groups to remedy the technological issues for our client.
We have installed all the units well, so this conveyor is very convenient for transport. 
In order to let you free from adjusting trouble,we have done it for you before shipping.
We’d like to spare no effort to provide better service.

We can give you single device roller conveyor or conveyor line, if you are intrigued in roller conveyors, pls affirm me your requirements.
–Run or unpowered
–Duration, peak, width of the conveyor
–Roller width and diameter, roller spacing
–Material of the conveyor, stainless steel or carbon steel or others

Welcome to speak to Rita for far more particulars of roller conveyor!
Welcome to contact Rita for a lot more particulars of roller conveyor!
Welcome to contact Rita for a lot more details of roller conveyor!

Drum sprockets: These sprockets are usually wider to improve the total floor speak to amongst the sprocket and chain. This lowers stress on the two sections, creating a more resilient technique for weighty haul conveyors.
Maintain your system on the reducing edge with ep sprockets and uncover different high quality makes. Ep sprockets are higher-high quality heat-handled metal to withstand heavy shock masses, resist dress in and give a long services lifestyle. Alloy and stainless metal sprockets are also available for further corrosion resistance and food-quality programs

China factory Workstation Manual Assembly Gravity Roller Conveyor Line for Furniture Transport     near me shop