China Good quality Stainless Steel Spiral Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Merchandise Description

Stainless steel conveyor belt
Balanced weave conveyor belts, also recognized as broad spiral link belts, are created of round or flat spiral wires joined by crimped rods. Pushed, tensioned and guided by a sprocket or a basic roller, balanced weave conveyor belt is an cost-effective option to offer easy and stable movement for medium load applications

Harmony weave conveyor belts are offered in different pitches, wire diameters, mesh lengths for quite a few programs whether or not it be large loads conveying by super sturdy belts or transporting modest or unsorted merchandise by conveyor belts with high density. The opening of balanced weave belts is determined by pitches of spirals and CZPT rods which assortment from 4mm up to 50mm. Additionally, spirals wires can be executed with spherical and flat wires to match your needs.

Content carbon metal, SS 201, SS 304, SS 316, SS 310
Round wire diameter:  1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm.
Flat wire dimension  from 1. mm × .7 mm to 6. mm × 3. mm.
Cross rod diameter  0.8 mm to 8. mm.
Pitch of spirals: 2.8mm to 40mm.
Belt width: 200 mm to 5,000 mm.
Cross bar pitch: five mm to 50.8 mm.
Belt speed: .5 m/min to sixty m/min.

High quality CZPT rods with bigger diameter than spiral wires for larger toughness.
By no means creep to either side.
Temperature range: -50°C to 1100°C.
Swift and effortless to set up.
Straightforward servicing by replacing the broken components very easily.
Resistant to acid, alkaline, chemical, abrasion and corrosion.
Easy structure with easy conveying floor.
Extended provider lifestyle.
Least routine maintenance.
Complying with foods protection requirements these kinds of as Fda, GMP and others up your ask for.


Thorough Photos

Spherical Wire Equilibrium weave conveyor belts

Flat Wire Stability weave conveyor belts

Harmony weave conveyor belts with diverse chain

Equilibrium weave conveyor belts with pins and rods

Balance Weave Belts – Predominant Selection in Foods Industrial
Food processing industrial this kind of as draining, cooling, baking and washing, etc.
Glass and ceramic sector.
Metalworking and hardening.
Chemical sector such as conveying rubber and plastic merchandise.
Serving as display screen, guard and mesh panels.
Acting as heat treatment method belt or pasteurizing belt, and many others.

Other kinds of conveyor belt we can supply
If you want other sorts of conveyor belt, remember to never be reluctant to agreement us. We will offer you very good provider and greatest cost.

Packaging & Delivery

Deal for stainless steel conveyor mesh belt: in rolls by crate

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China Good quality Stainless Steel Spiral Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt     with Hot selling