China manufacturer Roller Hearth Hardening and Tempering Heat Treatment Line near me supplier

Product Description

, Tools Attributes and Procedure Description Gear Goal:

This gear is a roller-fireside kind heat treatment generation line for metal fuel cylinder, which is mostly made for heating, keeping, rapid quenching, tempering of numerous sized gasoline cylinders, as to achieve an automatic management from loading to unloading and satisfy the buyer’s procedure need.
, Generation Process Flow 
   Loading→ Transfer the cylinder to the loading conveyor of Quenching CZPT by overhead crane→ Quenching CZPT Door Open→ Express the cylinder into the Quenching CZPT quickly → Heating cylinder within of Quenching Furnace(Meanwhile, cylinders moves little by little to stop the roller from distortion and increase the uniformity of heating)→ Middle Door (Warmth Insulation) Open → Cylinders transferred quickly to the Keeping zone of Quenching Furnace(In the meantime, cylinders moves little by little to avert the roller from distortion and boost the uniformity of holding)→ Following process time is concluded → Unloading Door Open up and the cylinders are unloaded swiftly → Doorway Close, Cylinders are transferred to the Facet Unloading Conveyor of Quenching Tank→ Transfer cylinders into the Quenching tank for Quenching. Meanwhile, the transfer vehicle moves up and down, as to uniform the quenching media and make sure the quenching quality → Elevate up cylinders with Transfer vehicle → Express cylinders to loading conveyor of Tempering CZPT → Tempering CZPT Doorway Open up → Transfer into tempering CZPT for heating(working sequence, Takt time, management mode are all very same as quenching furnace)→ Tempering CZPT Door Open after the approach time is achieved → Unloading quickly → Cylinders are transferred to Unloading conveyor, CZPT down and waiting for unloading → A single cycle is concluded, Ready.
, Brief Equipment Introduction
1, Loading Conveyor 
 It is mostly developed for loading and speedy express of steel cylinder, which consist of supporting bracket, roller, driving unit, and control system.

Assistance Bracket: It is manufactured of shaped metal and steel plate and welded jointly, which gives a great visual appeal. Anchor plate is welded to the bottom of supporting bracket, which is fastened on to the embedded plate of basis, as to make certain the dependability and safety. 
Roller Conveyor: It is manufactured of twenty# seamless metal tube (φ159×6mm). Positioning device is equipped with the roller to prevent the offset of metal cylinder and slipping down for the duration of shifting. Two finishes of roller is manufactured of forty five# steel and machined into the shaft condition, and fixed onto the supporting bracket with the bearing. Finding bolts are geared up with the bearing to prevent the roller from deviating. 
Driving Device: It is driven by pace reducer by means of sprocket wheels and chains. The velocity reducer is recommended to decide on MD Series helical equipment redactor, produced by Omiter, ZheJiang .

Steel Break up Sprockets: These sprockets are split in fifty percent for less difficult set up into the chain program with no removing the axle. The operator can location every single 50 percent into the chain ahead of bolting the halves collectively. This only permits the sprocket to be changed without dismantling the total assembly and retains the operator from having to loosen or reposition the chain.
Sprockets are made to ISO606 and ASME hundred specifications, accessible in plate, solitary and double hub configurations, created from large high quality carbon metal, optional tapered bushings simplify set up and elimination, remedies obtainable upon request, such as black oxide

China manufacturer Roller Hearth Hardening and Tempering Heat Treatment Line     near me supplier