China OEM Automatic High Power Diesel Type Grainbinder Harvester Machine for Lavender near me manufacturer

Solution Description

Automated large electrical power diesel type grainbinder harvester equipment for lavender
The wind rower consists of 2 principal parts: the supporting primary machine and the windrower. The supporting primary engine is composed of motor, transmission gearbox, frame, multi-practical handrail for managing movement and widened tire. It is primarily utilized for harvesting wheat, rice and other platycodon crops. It is ideal for platform topography and plant height of .5~1.5 meters. The diameter (downs of less than 45°) is considerably less than 4 winds and is not wet. The power output shaft of the wind rower is transmitted to the header transmission by means of the transmission shaft, and is transmitted to the eccentric crank slide system by way of the transmission claw clutch and a pair of CZPT to travel the cutter, and is transmitted to the conveyor chain by way of the sprocket chain. The generate shaft drives the upper and reduce conveyor chains. The Fuhe belt is pushed by the Fuhexing star wheel. The motion of the HangZhou star wheel is driven by the tooth extraction of the conveyor chain.Modest measurement, gentle fat, reduced fuel use, adaptable maneuverability, easy and hassle-free procedure, low labor, reduced reducing, and so forth. Computerized windrower, automatically turned to 1 aspect.

Reducing width 1000mm
Stay peak ≥50mm
Placement angle 90±20
Placement way Aspect route
Production potential two-3.5mu/h
Electrical power Diesel engine 8Hp
Excess weight 310kg
Dimension one.4*1.4*.eighty five


The teeth of a solitary pitch sprocket mesh with a single tooth for every sprocket. Double pitch sprockets search like single pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other enamel. This means that a double-pitch sprocket has the identical number of enamel as a one-pitch sprocket, but only 50 percent of the tooth are engaged with the chain. The major distinction is that the double pitch sprockets are cut with a special pitch circle diameter for optimal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the very same if the quantity of tooth is 32 or more for one and double chains.
Drum sprockets: These sprockets are generally wider to improve the overall surface speak to among the sprocket and chain. This minimizes stress on both sections, generating a more sturdy method for large haul conveyors.

China OEM Automatic High Power Diesel Type Grainbinder Harvester Machine for Lavender     near me manufacturer