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Merchandise Application Of factory immediate source coal charcoal briquette dryer

Mesh band dryer conveys uncooked substance by metal mesh for drying, and very suitable for circulation procedure. It is broadly employed in chemical sector, food industry, drugs business, constructing resources, electronic industries, specifically excellent at drying material in slice form, strip particles. It has the rewards of low expense, substantial drying pace, substantial evaporation strength, substantial efficiency, and good good quality of product.

Major Feature Of factory immediate supply coal charcoal briquette dryer
1 .investment is drying ,evaporation intensity  is high .
 2,high efficiency, large output , good quality products
 3.standardization of production,,according to the yield to increase the number of segment

Operating Principle Of factory direct offer coal charcoal briquette dryer
The theory of mesh belt dryer  is as follows: laid evenly on the mesh belt, pushed by the transmission unit, the materials transfer back and forth in the dryer, exactly where scorching wind passes by way of the material and the h2o vapor is discharged from the weep hole, so as to obtain the purpose of drying.

     1. Spindle energetic sprocket wheel traction chain,

  1. Chain drive flap.
  2. Flap carrying materials to shift.  The materials fall into the upper flap by inlet gap previously mentioned the tail and go to dryer head. 
  3. The materials contact with very hot air to take away dampness when moving. 
  4. The flap will flip down flap transfer near the head sprocket.  Turn the material into the reduce flap. 
  5. The flap acquire the higher materials and return to the tail as reduced flap,  
  6. The flap return back again to keep on cycle following discharge substance to up coming group at the tail. The material will keep drying at up coming team flap,  Finally discharge from the outlet hole of dryer tail.

The cleaning system of briquette flap dryer equipment
The scraping unit will scrape dust and other wast material into output unit which underneath dryer head.
3. Hot air sequence of briquette flap dryer machine
The air is heated by the heating furnace, After change the temperature by enthusiast sent  into the sub-duct and the duct by the regulating air valve. The air is blown into the dryer by the distribution hole on the air duct, Following publicity to have humidity from the top of the dryer exhaust outlet.

Packing & Delivery Of factory immediate provide coal charcoal briquette dryer

Date Of factory direct supply coal charcoal briquette dryer

Product Mesh Width(mm) Drying Length(m) Drying Spot(m2) Layer Layer Distance (mm) Operating Pace(m/min) Electricity(Kw) Capacity(t/h)
HJWD6 600 six-12 three.6-36 one-five 400-600 .06-one one.1-2.2 six-ten
HJWD8 800 six-12 four.8-forty eight one-five 400-600 .06-one one.1-2.2 8-15
HJWD10 one thousand six-16 six-80 1-five four hundred-600 .06-one 1.1-2.2 ten-twenty
HJWD12 1200 eight-16 7.2-96 1-five 400-600 .06-1 one.1-three twelve-twenty five
HJWD16 1600 eight-22 12.8-one hundred and five 1-five four hundred-600 .06-one one.1-3 fifteen-30
HJWD20 2000 10-26 twenty-260 one-5 400-600 .06-1 one.5-4 18-35
HJWD24 2400 twelve-30 29-360 one-five 400-600 .06-1 three-7.5 20-forty
HJWD30 3000 twelve-40 36-600 1-five 400-600 .06-one 5-eleven 25-50

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China OEM Factory Direct Supply Coal Charcoal Briquette Dryer     with Best Sales