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Solution Description


Set up and Usage
one. Concentricities of the inner race and the outer race are maintained by the basic bearing positioned amongst the outer race and the shaft. Radial load which functions on the outer race is also supported by this basic bearing. The shaft must as a result be extended via the clutch outer race end.
two. Do not use the PB Sequence Cam Clutch as a coupling. Use with a flexible CZPT when connecting 2 shafts.
three. Specify appropriate &lparRH) or remaining hand &lparLH) interior race drive seen from the stop marked by the arrow in the illustration Earlier mentioned. Examine if the rotation of the clutch is appropriate ahead of becoming operate-in.
4. For inHangZhou use, oil lubrication is advised.
5. Important to be employed need to be in accordance with JIS B1301-1959
6. Thrust load should be supported by other gadgets, not by the Cam Clutch.
seven. The bore of the driven member, this kind of as the sprocket on the clutch outer race, must meet H6 or H7 tolerance of the JIS standard. 


Bore Dimensions







  Outer Race


Filler Plug
Interior Race Outer Race Dia.
Keyway G K L
PB 3 29.four .twenty 1,800 900 one hundred fifty 10 4×1.five 50 fifty 23 22 25 21 twenty five.7 4× 2.five sixteen .23 M6× P1.
PB 5 147 .twenty one,800 900 one hundred fifty 16 5×2 70 sixty 32 32 35 25 38.eight 5× 3. 20 .58 M6× P1.
PB six 382 .twenty 1,500 800 150 twenty 5×2 82 73 38 38 37 33 forty one 5× 3. 27 M6× P1.
PB eight 568 .29 1,two hundred 650 a hundred and fifty twenty five 7×3 85 eighty three 45 forty 45 33 forty two 7× 4. 27 one.6 M6× P1.
PB ten 843 .39 1,000 400 one hundred fifty 31.5 10×3.five 92 ninety five sixty 41 56 37 forty four ten × 4.five 28 2.5 M6× P1.
PB 12 1530 .39 800 300 one hundred fifty forty 10×3.5 a hundred 113 65 fifty 66 37 52.6 ten × 4.five 29 three.six M6× P1.
PB 14 2110 .fifty nine seven-hundred 300 one hundred fifty 45 12×3.five 112 133 seventy five 54 76 forty one 57.three twelve × 4.five thirty six. M6× P1.


Roller sprockets are frequently utilised in industrial and commercial applications to transmit force to the chain by meshing with rollers on the chain, the enamel of which mate with the interior plates of the chain. A vast range of purposes reward from these, such as conveyor belts, large industrial drives, robotics, electrical assembly, and more.
Drum sprockets: These sprockets are usually broader to increase the total surface area get in touch with among the sprocket and chain. This minimizes tension on equally sections, creating a much more sturdy system for hefty haul conveyors.

China OEM Pb Series Cam Clutch (one way clutch)     near me shop