China Professional Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belt for Pizza Oven/Wire Mesh Belt with Best Sales

Solution Description

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhoug Wire Mesh Goods Co., LTD manufacture stainless steel metallic Flat-Flex conveyor belt for pizza oven

Development The distinctive features of Flat-Flex conveyor belts offer you many advantages that enhance productiveness, aid have fees and enhance your total product top quality, which includes:

Materials: the common is 304 stainless metal. Other supplies available consist of: 302 stainless steel , 310s stainless steel , 316 stainless steel, a variety of carbon metal, and substantial temperature efficiency components.

technical specs of flat flex conveyor belt
Open up region: sixty seven.5% to 86%.
Wire diameter: .9mm – 2.35mm. Particular specs are offered.
Pitch: 4.24mm – 20.32mm. Other pitches can be customized.
Belt width: 3″ to 14′ or custom made width as your request.

specifcation of flat flex conveyor belt

Specification of Flat flex conveyor belt
Products No Wire diameter(mm) Pitch (mm) Open up area(%) Edge sort
LS-FFCB1 .nine 4.24 77 One/double
LS-FFCB2 .nine five.64 82 Single/double
LS-FFCB3 one. five.five 79 Single/double
LS-FFCB4 one. 5.six 79.five Solitary/double
LS-FFCB5 one.27 4.three sixty seven solitary
LS-FFCB6 one.27 five.five 73 Single/double
LS-FFCB7 1.27 6. seventy six Solitary/double
LS-FFCB8 one.27 six.35 77 One/double
LS-FFCB9 1.27 seven.26 eighty One/double/C-form
LS-FFCB10 one.four 6.forty 76 Solitary/C-form
LS-FFCB11 1.6 seven.26 seventy five Single/double/C-form
LS-FFCB12 one.83 twelve. 81 single
LS-FFCB13 1.83 12.7 82 Single/C-shape
LS-FFCB14 2.08 9.six seventy five One/C-form
LS-FFCB15 2.35 78 One/C-shape
LS-FFCB16 2.35 20.32 85 single
LS-FFCB17 2.eighty 12.7 seventy two One/C-form

three kind of edges kind: 

Driven kind of flat flex conveyor belt
The flat flex conveyor belt has different driven approach. The common is idler, chain backlinks and other pushed techniques are accessible.

Metal idler wheel.
Nylon loafer wheel.
Chain links.
Sprocket wheel.

packing roll

other variety wire mesh belt 

The enamel of a solitary pitch sprocket mesh with a single tooth for every sprocket. Double pitch sprockets seem like one pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other tooth. This indicates that a double-pitch sprocket has the exact same amount of enamel as a single-pitch sprocket, but only fifty percent of the teeth are engaged with the chain. The primary variation is that the double pitch sprockets are cut with a special pitch circle diameter for ideal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the identical if the number of enamel is 32 or a lot more for single and double chains.
Steel Break up Sprockets: These sprockets are break up in 50 % for less difficult set up into the chain method without taking away the axle. The operator can location each and every 50 % into the chain ahead of bolting the halves jointly. This only permits the sprocket to be changed without having dismantling the entire assembly and retains the operator from getting to loosen or reposition the chain.

China Professional Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belt for Pizza Oven/Wire Mesh Belt     with Best Sales