China Standard CZPT Fertilizer Granulator Production Line for 2 Ton Per Hour with high quality

Product Description

Attribute of double roller push granulation could item

The DZJ sequence is a new variety of equipment primarily based on the several years of manufacturing expertise and the authentic double roll extrusion granulator.It can be widely utilised in the fertilizer industry, feed generation device and the chemical sector for powder granulation of supplies, manufacturing and processing.

Attributes of roller push granulation:

1.The machine is developed CZPT drying approach, place temperature granulation, a molding. With much less expense and swift, excellent financial returns, and so forth.
2.The structure of the use of granulation, forming, screening as a total, it has a stunning look, basic operation, low energy consumption. The primary factors of a new roll body is created of a steel possessing anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, effect attributes refined into. DZJ-2-variety machine which not only has the above traits, the firm has also upgraded the rack element of the bearing body selection of substantial-top quality anti-corrosion casting as a complete part, it has a better stability qualities, can drastically improve the rolling bearing, and the existence of a huge shaft. Transmission component of the twin input transfer manner, not only to improve the input electricity ratio, but also to ensure the rotation of the equipment lubrication and sealing functionality. The equipment has the benefits of compact structure, good stability, excellent sealing, reduced sound, simple operation and routine maintenance. Following the listing of the new device has received the majority of end users.

Double roller push granulation could item

Raw substance classification  Certain application 
Inorganic fertilizer  BB and compound fertilizer powder
Biologics Western medicine granules etc
Coal industry  Carbon granule etc
Other people Varieties of inorganic powder that you need manufacture granules

Operating principle of roller push granulation:

The sequence of roller extrusion granulator its working theory: is pushed by the motor pulley, transmission belt via the reducer to pass a pair of sliding mould shell with 2 substantial-force roller human body to do the relative perform. DZJ-I variety extruder in between the 2 rollers is a team of gears relative to the conversation in between the perform, DZJ-II kind extruder 2 rollers by a dedicated reducer on the 2 output shaft directly pushed to operate The function of extrusion. Generation of raw components from the feed into the hopper, the large stress roller relative to the extrusion after the film from the circulation to the reduced part of the roll forming the studio. The driving drive of the crushing and forming is carried out by the energetic roller shaft sprockets by way of the chain drive to the pair of damaged shafts. Following the crushing in the operating room, the concluded particles are handed via the sieve to the chute and out of the entire body.

Principal technological parameters

Model no. DZJ-I-1. DZJ-I-2. DZJ-I-3. DZJ-I-4. DZJ-II-1. DZJ-II-2. DZJ-II-3.
Generation(t/h) one-1.five 1.5-2.five 2.5-3.five 3.5-4.5 1-two 1.5-2.5 2.5-3.five
Power (kw) 15kw 18.5kw 30kw 45kw 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Force roller diameter(mm) 150×220 150×300 186*30     0 three hundred*three hundred 150×220 150×300 186*300
Feeding measurement (mm) ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm
Concluded product  diameter (mm) 2.8-ten 2.5-ten 2.5-twenty two.5-thirty two.5-ten two.5-twenty two.5-twenty
Content dampness two%-5% two%-5% two%-5% two%-5% 2%-5% 2%-5% two%-5%

Company information

HangZhou CZPT Weighty Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.(Limited for “Tianci Heavy Industry”) , was set up in 1999 as a professional fertilizer production tools producer. Today, with over 18 a long time of knowledge, CZPT Hefty Sector is regarded as an specialist in procedure style and production on fertilizer market.

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Sprockets are manufactured to ISO606 and ASME B29.100 standards, available in plate, solitary and double hub configurations, made from high quality carbon metal, optional tapered bushings simplify set up and removal, treatments obtainable upon ask for, which includes black oxide
The tooth of a single pitch sprocket mesh with one particular tooth per sprocket. Double pitch sprockets look like solitary pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other tooth. This means that a double-pitch sprocket has the very same quantity of tooth as a solitary-pitch sprocket, but only 50 percent of the enamel are engaged with the chain. The primary difference is that the double pitch sprockets are cut with a particular pitch circle diameter for optimal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the very same if the amount of tooth is 32 or far more for one and double chains.

China Standard CZPT Fertilizer Granulator Production Line for 2 Ton For each Hour     with substantial good quality