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China Direct Selling Steel Sprocket Iron Metal Color Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery sprocket design build

Applicable Industries: Building Substance Outlets, Manufacturing Plant, Strength & Mining, Other
Customized support: OEM
Material: Metal
Regular: /
Size: 50
Shade: Iron Metallic Shade
Condition: Customized
Characteristic: HRC35
Packaging Details: regular packaging.
Port: Keelung

ColorIron Steel Colour
Q1. What is the Edge About Your Company?A1. Our Company Has Specialist Crew and Expert Generation Line.Q2. Why Should I Decide on Your Merchandise?A2. Our Goods Are Substantial Top quality and Low Price tag.Q3. the Logo and the Color Can Be Personalized?A3. Of course, We Welcome You to Sample Personalized.Q4. Any Other Very good Provider Your Business Can Provide?A4. Of course,we Can Supply Good After-sale and Quickly Shipping and delivery.

How to Identify a Sprocket

When choosing a sprocket, you have several options. There are several types, each with unique features. In this article, we’ll discuss how to identify sprockets, and how to replace worn or damaged sprockets.

buy sprockets

When building a bicycle, sprockets are an important part of the drivetrain. Unfortunately, they’re hard to find outside of places like CZPT. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find the right sprocket for your bike.
The first thing to consider is what kind of sprocket you need. Choosing the wrong sprocket can damage your equipment or cause it to fail prematurely. While sprockets come in a variety of sizes, there are some key features that can help you find the right one.
There are two basic types of sprockets. You can choose one made of steel or aluminum, or a combination of both. Most sprockets are made of steel, but there are also new aluminum sprockets that are similar to steel and last as long as steel. No matter which material you choose, it’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer with regular maintenance.
Buying sprockets that match your chain is another way to ensure proper installation. The chain goes through the sprockets thousands of times per minute, so the teeth eventually wear out. Poorly maintained sprockets can also cause “hook” teeth, which will cause your chain to stretch to the point where you can no longer adjust it.

Identify sprockets

One of the most common bicycle parts is the sprocket, which can be identified by its width and number of teeth. A single sprocket has one tooth along its circumference, while a double sprocket has two rows of teeth. Sprockets are also known by different names, including single, double, triple, and quadruple sprockets.
Roller sprockets are another type of sprocket. It runs along a chain of rollers connected by pins. It fits into the gap between the rollers in the chain to transfer kinetic energy. There are two basic styles of roller sprockets: single pitch and double pitch. Single-pitch sprockets are small and fit snugly against the equipment, while double-pitch sprockets are larger and require more thickness to support the weight.
Checking a sprocket is easy if you know how to count teeth. A simple caliper will allow you to easily find sprockets with worn teeth. Calipers also allow you to measure the hole of the sprocket, which is the inside diameter of the sprocket.
Another way to tell if a sprocket is worn is to visually inspect the sprocket. Worn sprockets can cause the chain to bounce, putting more pressure on the bearings and accelerating wear. It is also important to check the alignment of the sprockets. If it’s off center, it probably means the chain needs to be replaced.

Replace sprocket

If you want to maintain your bike, it’s a good idea to replace your chain and sprockets regularly. If you don’t, you may have a problem that will only get worse. Worn chains can also make noise, so it’s a good idea to check them regularly. Also, you should lubricate and tighten them regularly, especially when they reach their maximum mileage.
First, you need to determine the size of the chain. Usually, you’ll find it in the manual. Common sizes are 520, 525, and 530. The first number refers to the pitch of the chain, which is the distance between the rivets, while the second number refers to the width of the sprocket. For example, a 20-tooth sprocket is two and a half inches wide.
Replacing a sprocket is a relatively simple process. Be sure to clean the bike and apply wheel bearing grease before tackling the task. Next, remove the old chain from the rear wheel. Some bikes may have clevises or side panels that need to be removed. A flat-blade screwdriver works well for this problem. You can also use the Broken Links tool to remove split links.
You can also install new sprockets on your bike. After removing the old one, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for chain and sprocket size. You should also tighten the sprocket nut to the manufacturer’s torque setting. Once you’ve done this, be sure to check the chain tension to make sure it’s not too loose or too tight.

Replace worn chains

To prevent damage to the chain, the chain must be replaced regularly. It’s prone to wear and tear, but you can extend the life of your bike’s chain with a few simple steps. One of the steps is to lift the rear wheel of the bike so you can run the new chain through the rear derailleur. This will make the task easier because your bike won’t be lying on the floor. If you don’t have a bike rack, you can use cinder blocks, wood, or boxes to support your bike rack.
The most obvious sign is yIf your chain bounces under load, our chainrings need to be replaced. Using a chain gauge will let you know when you need a new chain. Chain gauges usually consist of two sides and are used to measure the amount of wear on the chain under a given load. You can check the gauge by placing it on the chain and making sure it sinks into the chain.
First, you need to delete the old chain. Some older chains use uniform pins that you can use to replace them. Make sure to get a chain that is the same length as the old one. Also, pay attention to the type of drivetrain your bike has. For example, if it has a rear derailleur, you will need a chain that matches the same drivetrain.

Check the sprocket for rust

One of the best ways to check your bike for rust is to look for surface rust. This is the first sign that the metal is starting to oxidize. Using a steel brush to remove surface rust is a good idea, but be sure to wear safety glasses. You can also clean the sprockets with WD-40 or kerosene.
Another indicator that a sprocket needs to be replaced is excessive wear. This may be caused by foreign objects conveyed by the chain. It may also be necessary to center the chain and drive sprocket and install guide rollers. Other signs of sprocket rust include excessive vibration due to improperly machined axle holes or a bent or bent chain.
You should also look for any kinks in the chain. If so, you may need to replace the chain. Also, look for any rust spots and excess grease. Also, you should check the sprockets to make sure they are properly aligned.
Besides rust, another sign of rust is the chain jumping out of the sprocket. This can cause the chain to jam and cause your bike to slip. This situation is also dangerous for you and other drivers.

Replace worn sprockets

You can repair your bike’s gears by replacing the sprockets. You should always check the chain for any signs of wear. In the case of a worn sprocket, you should check the teeth, which are usually tall and hooked.
If the sprocket is curled, skewed, or uneven, the sprocket is worn and needs to be replaced. If the sprockets are not replaced, they will wear out the chain very quickly. Chains should be replaced as soon as they show signs of excessive wear.
To replace a worn sprocket, you must first remove the old rear sprocket. To do this, loosen the bolts that hold the sprocket in place. You should also clean the hub surface with steel wool to reduce corrosion and wear.
Worn sprockets have worn teeth that keep the roller chain from slipping. This can cause the chain to climb up the sprockets and make a lot of noise. In addition to noise, chains can stick to worn sprockets and damage sprockets and chain. Don’t wait until the chain is out of control to fix it.
After the sprocket is removed, the rear sprocket and drive sprocket can be replaced. It is important to check the alignment of the sprockets, as incorrect alignment can cause premature chain wear. Proper alignment will distribute the load evenly across the entire width of the chain, extending the life of the chain. You can check the sprocket with a ruler or laser sight tool.

China Direct Selling Steel Sprocket Iron Metal Color Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery     sprocket design buildChina Direct Selling Steel Sprocket Iron Metal Color Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery     sprocket design build
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China Custom High Quality Metal Chain Plate Slat Steel Hinge Conveyor Belt for Hot Treatment/Food Processing/Baking with Great quality

Solution Description

Metallic Conveyor Chain Plate Slat Metal Hinged Plate Belt For Food Processing and Conveying


Belt with facet guard and flight is roller chain driven belt assembled with facet guard and flight and utilized for separating, filtering and elevating goods. Shapes and requirements of facet guards and flights depends on certain applications.
Hinged belt is a very robust belt that is created of stainless steel or carbon metal and driven by sprocket. Excellent for conveying small merchandise, sleek managing, simple to keep, durable. With an really sturdy style and high load ability, chain plate belt creating it the excellent choice for arduous engineering processes this kind of as presswork, die-casting and forging.


Merchandise Name Chain Plate Belt / Plate Website link Belt
Resources    Stainless Steel Wire, Low Carbon Metal Wire, Nickel Wire
Mesh belt width    150-5500mm
Operating temperature    -40 to 1300°C
Weaving approach    Frequent Braiding, Fortify Braiding, Sectional Variety Regular Weaving
Axis type    Crankshaft Sort Mesh Belt
Aspect Guard with or with out
Rewards Higher Load, Use Resistant, Heat Resistant, Acid Resistant
Packing    In Roll with Waterproof Paper

Solution Show



one) Open mesh construction for quick drainage and free air circulation.
2) Sleek, flat surface.
three) Easily cleaned.
four) Easy replacement of damaged or worn sections.
5) Endless splicing.
six) Economical versus alternative metal conveyor belts.
seven) High strength.

  It is widely used in food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly line, animal slaughtering production line, washing supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco automatic transmission, distribution, and after the packaging line conveyor.

Make sure you note below Parameters showed on the following picturewhen you ask for a quotation:

1. General size and width.
two. Pitch.
3. Roller diameter and rod diameter
four. Opening dimensions.
5. Content and other requests.

If you are not positive the parameters previously mentioned, pls speak to us, we will give you the very best guidance.

Other Varieties

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Regular Export Package
Shipping and delivery: ten-twenty days following receiving the payment

Firm Info

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Runfeng Chain Transmission Gear Co.,Ltd provides a wide selection of variations and requirements of conveyor belts to match our customers’ specific application and improve process efficiencies. We offer conveyor belts for industries this sort of as Foodstuff Processing, Textiles, Electronics, Agriculture, Automotive, and so on. Our Buyer Service Principle is Always Buyer First.

one. Q: How to validate the variety?
    A: There are numerous approaches for us to verify the type:
         1) inform us the technical specs info.
         2) tell us your specifications as much more as attainable, and our engineers will give you the best suggestion and design and style the most suited merchandise. 
         3) send us the images with size.
         4) ship us a small piece sample.
two. Q: What is the payment conditions?
    A: We choose T/T, but for some international locations, we will also settle for L/C. So pls truly feel cost-free about the payment.
three. Q: When will supply the goods?
    A: Normally, we will produce the items inside of 15 functioning times. And if the amount is big, it will just take about twenty-thirty functioning times.
four. Q: How prolonged will the item be utilized?
    A: The time is diverse differ the usage and factory. But we can validate and make sure that our item can be used lengthier than any other 1 in China.
5. Q: Is the package sturdy adequate for the extended transportation?
    A: Of system it is.
        By sea, we will pack each piece into wood/ polywood box.
        By air, we will pack it by strong h2o-evidence bag.

Sprockets are toothed, profiled wheels that mesh with the chain to transmit motion. Our sprockets are custom made fabricated high-strength aluminum, black anodized for excellent functionality. Flat sprockets include ep designs and are appropriate with all other parts. Blade Sprockets are 6061-T6 Aluminum Hub Sprockets are 7075-T6 Aluminum Enamel Laser Compatible #25 or #25H Roller Chains Engraved On Each and every Sprocket Now Easy To Use With Our Chain Tube Through Pipe
Sprockets are produced to ISO606 and ASME B29.one hundred standards, obtainable in plate, one and double hub configurations, made from large quality carbon metal, optional tapered bushings simplify set up and removal, remedies offered upon request, including black oxide

China Custom High Quality Metal Chain Plate Slat Steel Hinge Conveyor Belt for Hot Treatment/Food Processing/Baking     with Great quality

China Professional Chain Drive Metal Conveyor Wire Mesh Belt near me shop

Product Description

Chain drive metallic conveyor wire mesh belt

 Balanced weave conveyor belts, also acknowledged as broad spiral url belts, are made of round or flat spiral wires joined by crimped rods. Pushed, tensioned and guided by a sprocket or a simple roller, balanced weave conveyor belt is an affordable decision to provide clean and steady movement for medium load purposes and a variety of other folks as revealed below:

  • Foods processing industrial this kind of as draining, cooling, baking and washing, and many others.
  • Glass and ceramic sector.
  • Metalworking and hardening.
  • Chemical industry such as conveying rubber and plastic goods.
  • Serving as display screen, guard and mesh panels.
  • Decoration.
  • Performing as heat treatment method belt or pasteurizing belt, and so on.
  • product-list-1.html


Specification for conveyor belt:

Type Spiral wire pitch Cross rod pitch Spiral wire diameter Cross wire diameter
BWCB-1 4mm 4mm .9mm to 1.2mm one.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-2 5mm six.4mm .9mm to 1.2mm one.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-3 5mm 5mm .9mm to 1.6mm one.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-four 6mm 6mm .9mm to 1.6mm 1.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-five 6mm 8mm .9mm to 1.2mm one.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-6 6mm 10mm .9mm to 1.6mm one.2mm to 1.6mm
BWCB-seven 8mm 12mm 1.2mm to 2.0mm one.2mm to 2.5mm
BWCB-8 8mm 13mm 1.2mm to 2.0mm 1.2mm to 2.5mm

Features of conveyor belt:

  • Top quality CZPT rods with larger diameter than spiral wires for larger toughness.
  • Never ever creep to both side.
  • Temperature selection: -50°C to 1100°C.
  • Swift and effortless to set up.
  • Straightforward routine maintenance by replacing the broken components very easily.
  • Resistant to acid, alkaline, chemical, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Simple composition with sleek conveying surface.
  • Prolonged provider lifestyle.
  • Bare minimum upkeep.
  • Complying with foodstuff protection standards these kinds of as Food and drug administration, GMP and other folks up your request.

Hunting for ideal Meals Conveyor Belting Producer & provider ? We has a vast variety at great rates to help you get innovative. All the Chain Hyperlink Belt are quality certain. We are China Origin Factory of Spiral Wire Hyperlink Conveyor Belts. If you have any query, remember to come to feel free to contact us.

Steel Split Sprockets: These sprockets are break up in half for easier set up into the chain system without having eliminating the axle. The operator can place each half into the chain prior to bolting the halves with each other. This only allows the sprocket to be changed with out dismantling the total assembly and keeps the operator from obtaining to loosen or reposition the chain.
Ep prefabricated steel sprockets are created of C1045 steel, induction hardened or heat-dealt with metal, four hundred – five hundred BHN hardness. Please specify the resources you want. Unless or else asked for, the outside the house diameter of the hub ought to be ample to accommodate the needed holes and keyways. Keys to these things are not supplied unless of course requested or set up on the shaft. Split sprockets for welding or break up sprockets for bolts offer an cost-effective way to set up sprockets on shafts the place removing of the shaft assembly is prohibited. Many sizes of sprockets are equipped with holes, keyways, and established screws. Discs or partially completed sprockets are also stocked. For lengthy sprockets and idlers, specify the chain dimension used.

China Professional Chain Drive Metal Conveyor Wire Mesh Belt     near me shop

China Hot selling Metal Industrial Forged Drive Chain with ISO Approved near me factory

Merchandise Description

Forged Travel Chain
The forged drive chain is created for overhead trolley conveyor program. It is mostly created up of a regular roller chain and a matching pusher puppy. Driven by a sprocket, it acts to drive the solid, detachable suspension chain. This range of forged drive chain falls into 5 types that are X348, X458, X678, F100, and F160.

For much more than 20 a long time, we have focused on personalized chains.

For much more than 20 several years, We have d100s of diverse varieties of industrial chains.

So we have a prosperity of custom made chain expertise.

Here are some of the kinds of the chains.

Why Decide on DCC? 
one.HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.wu chain transmission manufacturing co.,Ltd is a skilled manufacture of chains,and is the member unit of China Nationwide specialized committee for standardization for china transmission,
2.we occupied an spot in excess of 100 thousand sqm,owned common workshops more than thirty hundreds sqm and over 300sets of professional equipments to generate chains in big-scale as effectively as comprehensive inspection and examination gadgets.
three.we passed through the authentications of ISO9001:2000 worldwide quality method and ISO14001 environmental management method .
four,we have seventy five% of items which are exported to Europe,The us,Japan , Southeast Asia ,and so on,
5.Almost all the areas are developed by our possess manufacturing facility,therefor we can control the price and quality.
Decide on DCC,you choosed Higher top quality , competitive value,excellent support,
wish we will encourage organization as properly as friendship!


Bushing Sprockets: Bushing sprockets can simplify chain method maintenance by changing only worn sprocket assemblies, even though the bushings can nonetheless be reused. The bushing also has a tightly tapered mating floor that can transmit increased torques than straightforward critical factors. Near-fitting surfaces give better functionality in purposes with hefty start off/end functions or shock loads.
System efficiency is extremely dependent on the conversation of the sprockets, which signifies that the sprockets you pick drive the success of your operation. Make the proper and simple decision with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki offers chain and sprocket production abilities. The chain meshes nicely with the sprockets for prolonged services life and trustworthy efficiency. This signifies prolonged-time period savings and true worth for your operations. Minimize upkeep downtime, enhance efficiency and decrease substitute expenses

China Hot selling Metal Industrial Forged Drive Chain with ISO Approved     near me factory

China Good quality Chain Metal Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt near me supplier

Product Description

             Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT Wiremesh Products Co., Ltd is Specialized company of all varieties of wire mesh and Protection fence In ZheJiang , XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS., Our business have a wealth of experience in the generation and product sales of wire mesh merchandise. Conveyor wire mesh is 1 kind of our wire mesh items. 
Conveyor Wire Mesh
The stainless steel meals converyor mesh belt is also referred to as the trapezoidal mesh belt, this belt is usually equipment transmission belt, has the rewards of very good air permeability, tensile force uniform, fantastic workmanship, this belt has very good stability, flexible rolling, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, lengthy provider lifestyle. 
Chain pushed conveyor belt is driven with a CZPT rod which connects the chain strands by possibly passing although or below the mesh material. The density of the material is picked in accordance to the measurement of product conveyed on the belt.
Chain driven conveyor belt is driven by sprockets, so the bending phenomenon is not occur. A variety of chains could be accessible soon after modify the belt pitch. And it is straightforward to attach the side guard and stopper in mixture with chain and CZPT rod.

Chain pushed conveyor belt material:
Carbon steelGalvanized steelHigh temperature steelStainless steel 304, 316 or 316L.

Item Name Specifcation Max Min Remark

Spiral wire

Website link belt

Width four.0m .2m Consist of aspect chain width
Duration 50m 1.0m   
Wire diameter five.0mm .5mm Typical 1. – 3.0mm
Spiral pitch 20mm three.0mm   
Cross wire pitch 50mm five.0mm   
Assist rod twelve.0mm four.0mm Widespread 6. and           8.0mm
Substance quality

Iron metal Q195 or 235

Galvanized steelHigh temperature steelStainless steel 304, 316 or 316L.

Pushed type

Sprockets and chains


Chain pushed conveyor belt applications:
CladdingElevatingHeat treatCeramicsMetal workLifting slingsFood processquenching tankfryer and freezerIndustry curtainsShrink-wrappingBaking and curingwashing and dryer machine.



Drum sprockets: These sprockets are normally broader to improve the total surface area get in touch with amongst the sprocket and chain. This decreases tension on the two sections, producing a a lot more tough technique for large haul conveyors.
Bushing Sprockets: Bushing sprockets can simplify chain technique upkeep by replacing only worn sprocket assemblies, while the bushings can still be reused. The bushing also has a tightly tapered mating surface area that can transmit larger torques than straightforward critical factors. Near-fitting surfaces give greater overall performance in apps with large start/quit operations or shock loads.

China Good quality Chain Metal Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt     near me supplier

China Professional Chain Link Metal Conveyor near me supplier

Item Description

Plate Hyperlink Conveyor

Chain plate conveyor is a really robust belt that is made of stainless metal and pushed by sprocket. Perfect for conveying little merchandise, sleek working, effortless to preserve, tough, made of plates or hinges joined collectively by means of CZPT rods. The belt is almost usually geared up with facet chains. The chains are secured by a ring welded at the CZPT rods ends.

Belt Sort:  Chain plate
Belt Velocity:  Adjustable .3~15 M&solmin
Widespread Belt Width:  150-5000mm Custom-made
Voltage:  110V&sol220V&sol380V
Content of Body:  Stainless Metal, Carbon metal, Aluminum metal
Pitch:  Customized
Application:  Food ,Electrical,Appliance,and so on.
Push Type:  Motor driven transport
Warranty:  3 Year
Package:  Wooden Scenario

Packaging & Shipping
Packaging: Regular Export Package deal
Transport: 20days following receiving the payment

Firm Details
ZheJiang Rungong Machinery Tools Co., Ltd. gives a wide variety of types and technical specs of conveyor belts to match our customers’ particular application and boost approach efficiencies. We supply conveyor belts for industries this sort of as Food Processing, Textiles, Electronics, Agriculture, Automotive, and so on. Our Buyer Service Basic principle is Usually Client Very first.

one. Q:  How to verify the kind&quest
   A:  There are numerous techniques for us to verify the sort:
           1). explain to us the specifications data.
           2).inform us your needs as more as feasible, and our engineers will give you the best suggestion and layout the most ideal solution. 
         3). ship us the pictures with dimensions.
         4). deliver us a small piece sample.
2. Q: What is the payment terms&quest
    A:  We favor T&solT, but for some nations, we will also accept L&solC. So pls truly feel free of charge about the payment.
three. Q: When will shipping and delivery the products&quest
      A: Normally, we will produce the items in 15 functioning times. And if the amount is massive, it will just take about twenty-30 doing work times.
4. Q: How prolonged will the product be used&quest
    A: The time is various differ the use and factory. But we can confirm and make sure that our item can be utilised longer than any other 1 in China.
5. Q: Is the bundle strong sufficient for the prolonged transportation&quest
    A: Of system it is.
    By sea, we will pack every single piece into wood&sol polywood box.
    By air, we will pack it by robust water-evidence bag.

Ms Tracy Liu
86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778969886868

Roller sprockets are frequently used in industrial and industrial applications to transmit pressure to the chain by meshing with rollers on the chain, the tooth of which mate with the interior plates of the chain. A extensive assortment of applications gain from these, which includes conveyor belts, huge industrial drives, robotics, electrical assembly, and much more.
Sprockets are made to ISO606 and ASME B29.a hundred requirements, available in plate, one and double hub configurations, constructed from large good quality carbon steel, optional tapered bushings simplify set up and removing, treatment options obtainable upon request, which includes black oxide

China Professional Chain Link Metal Conveyor     near me supplier