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China Standard Automatic 5 Gallon 20L 19L Mineral Pure Drinking Water Filling Machine Bottling Production Line wholesaler

Merchandise Description

three~5 Gallon Barreled H2o Rinsing Filling Capping Device

Generation Description
The equipment is created and made by our business. It is for washing filling and capping for barreled drinking water. It has stable functionality, advanced technologies, gorgeous form and comprehensive functions.


Technological Features

According to its perform, composition and manage mode, QGF600b automatic barreling production line is divided into washing portion, filling portion, capping portion, conveying component and loading component.
The body of the device is welded by stainless steel square tube, which has the attributes of substantial power, great rigidity, gentle excess weight, beautiful visual appeal and effortless cleansing.
The generate chain is composed of lively and passive sprocket, chain, bucket holder, bucket holder, etc. the chain and sprocket are cautiously designed to be much more scientific and best.
In the principal travel, the sprocket shaft is pushed by the reduction motor, and 4 induction columns are installed on the sprocket. The placement of each induction column is evenly distributed by the quantity of teeth, so as to guarantee the precise positioning of the complete computerized procedure. The equipment flushing CZPT is produced of stainless steel pipe. The nozzle adopts the nozzle of American spray organization. The bottle washing effect is good CZPT leaving lifeless angle for effortless disassembly and cleaning. The gear adopts lifting nozzle to make certain no useless angle. It has the purpose of stopping washing when there is no bucket.
There are 4 high temperature lye drinking water tank, 2 disinfectant water tanks and circulating drinking water tank. Each and every h2o tank is equipped with a liquid adding funnel and is also utilised as a filter. The h2o tank is geared up with a hand hole from which the drinking water tank can be cleaned. The funnel is geared up with a layer of 100 mesh leaky internet, which can be changed and cleaned for the duration of procedure CZPT influencing the normal procedure of the device. The include plate of the funnel is openable, which can keep an eye on the water level in the water tank. The h2o tank is presented with an overflow port. When there is too considerably drinking water, it can overflow by way of the overflow port.
The bucket is immediately loaded by air cylinder. The bucket dropping system connects the bucket plate at the slipping position, so that the barrel can tumble stably. The bucket plate is pushed from the inclined angle of 45 ° to the vertical see of the bucket mouth underneath the action of the air cylinder, and the filling valve fills by way of the falling place of the air cylinder.
There is an exhaust hood on the best of the major motor to exhaust the harmful odor to the exterior via the exhaust technique, so as to lessen the odor in the filling place, which is useful to human wellness.
The barrels soon after filling are despatched to the gland by the conveyor chain. The filling and capping station is composed of a filling valve, drinking water inlet pipe, cap sorting device, cap-donning box, and crawler capping.
When the bucket reaches the filling valve, the filling cylinder acts and commences the filling valve to fill. When the bucket is full, the filling valve functions, the filling cylinder returns and the bucket moves ahead. The filling valve utilised in this gear is developed with 2 interfaces of liquid inlet and air outlet. When the water in the bucket is crammed to a certain top, the filling valve acts to end filling. The filling time can be altered. After filling, the h2o inlet solenoid valve is closed very first, and then the filling valve is lifted to keep away from spraying when the standard filling valve is lifted.
The cap adjuster is mostly composed of motor CZPT disc, cap pipe and hopper. The purpose of the cap adjuster is to push the caps in the hopper into the cap pipe by means of its motor CZPT disc. It makes the caps in the pipe confront down by means of a certain mechanism, and arrangesthe caps in a distinct purchase.
When the bottle cap slides again to the capping placement, the capping unit will include the bucket. The masking drive is decided by the elastic pressure of the spring, which can be altered by changing the spring compression bolt. The top of the include placement can be modified by altering the pull rod in the middle of the spring.
Undertake domestic superior technological innovation of covering and hanging, and adopt crawler masking method. It has the operate of halting when there is no cover.
There is no concluded drinking water tank in the host. As an alternative, the terminal method of the drinking water remedy products is geared up with a filling pump and a cleansing pump, which are connected to the filling and cleaning reserved ports of the bucket filling device via 2 pipelines. It ensures that the completed aseptic h2o is always loaded below airtight conditions. It avoids secondary air pollution caused by the set up of finished h2o tanks in the host.

Manufacturing Parameters

Merchandise QGF600B
Capability(Bottles/h) 600
Bucket Specificaiton 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon
Filling Volume 3 Gallon eleven.355 Liters
five Gallon 18.925 Liters
Water Usage three Gallon(Total 13.2 t/h) The flushing drinking water is 6.4 t/h
5 Gallon(Whole 17.8 t/h)
Total Energy(KW) Primary Motor .seventy five
Electrical power of Washing .seventy five*4=three
Energy of Cap Adjuster .two
Electric powered heating 5*3=fifteen
Functioning Stress 0.6MPa
Consumption of Air 0.5m³/min
Exterior Dimensions(mm) 5255×4045×2335
Fat(t) 3.five
Washing Process and Time 24s for procedure and flushing on each and every station
Drain Once
Large temperature alkaline h2o flushing Twice
Circulating drinking water flushing 2 times
Drain Once
Disinfectant drinking water flushing 4 occasions
Sterile water flushing Twice
Drain Once


Specialized Parameters


No. Item Business Normal Our Regular
1 Price of bucket jamming(Loading) ≤1% ≤0.8%
2 Washing Location one hundred% one hundred%
3 Price of bucket jamming(Unloading) ≤1% ≤0.8%
four Filling Material Reduction Price (excluding h2o washing for completed items) ≤4% ≤3%
5 Filling Precision (volume) ±3% ±2%
6 Experienced Price of Filling ≥98.5% ≥99%
seven Competent Rate of Sealing ≥98% ≥99%
eight Competent Charge of Completed Products ≥97% ≥98%

Competitive Edge
1. Our equipment is with good high quality and price, we can make the device personalized for you if want.
two. Our business has been set up far more than 15 several years. We are a specialist producer in each type of CZPT manufacturing machine.
3. We have the certifications of ISO, CE and so on.
4. Our company devices are exported to several international locations abroad each and every calendar year.
five. We can provide free technician support and consultation to assist you to purchase a new gear and start off a new organization.
6. We can supply 1 year ensure for the device you requested freely, eternally engineering supports in our machine and relevant machine.
7. W can ship our technician to your region for device commissioning and instruction conveniently.
8. Your inquiry will be replied inside 24 hrs, you are welcome to speak to me in your usefulness, make sure you really feel free of charge to make contact with me if any question you have.

Package deal and Shipment

Relevant Items We Can Supply:
1.Water Therapy Technique (H2o Filtration)
two.Bottle Blowing Equipment (Producing plastic bottles)
three.Air Conveyor (Transportation vacant bottles)
four.Water Filling Machine (Filling drinking water into bottles) 
5.Cap elevator (Transportation cap)
six.Blow dryer (Blow dry h2o)
seven.Flat Express (Transport bottle)
8.Code Sprayer (Printing the day on the bottle water) 
9.Labeling Machine (Labeling in bottled water)
10.Bottle Shrink Wrapping Device (deal the bottle water) 


Technique functionality is extremely dependent on the conversation of the sprockets, which signifies that the sprockets you decide on generate the success of your procedure. Make the proper and effortless decision with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki provides chain and sprocket producing capabilities. The chain meshes effectively with the sprockets for lengthy services lifestyle and reliable functionality. This implies long-term cost savings and genuine benefit for your operations. Lessen maintenance downtime, boost productiveness and lessen replacement costs
System performance is hugely dependent on the interaction of the sprockets, which means that the sprockets you pick travel the success of your procedure. Make the correct and straightforward option with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki gives chain and sprocket producing abilities. The chain meshes effectively with the sprockets for lengthy support daily life and dependable overall performance. This implies long-expression cost savings and real value for your functions. Decrease routine maintenance downtime, enhance productivity and minimize substitution expenses

China Standard Automatic 5 Gallon 20L 19L Mineral Pure Drinking Drinking water Filling Device Bottling Creation Line     wholesaler