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China factory Anon Agricultural Machinery Transplanter Vegetable Tobacco Transplanting Machines wholesaler

Item Description

ANON Agricultural Machinery Transplanter Vegetable Tobacco transplanting machines

Sort Hand self-propelled
Dimension 2250*1400*1380mm
Weight 340kg
Power Gasoline engine 3.5hp
Rated pace 1800 r/min
Wheel keep track of 800-1100/850-1200 mm
Wheel foundation 80mm
Wheel model four.00-ten/4.00-7
Planting variety Duck mouth hanging cup
Rows two
Working velocity one-1.5 km/h
Working potential .1-.13 hec/h
Walking pace 1-2.6 km/h
Row spacing 250-five hundred mm(adjustable)
Planting Depth sixty-a hundred and twenty mm
Procedure people three

Specification and Perform:

This machine has many functional capabilities these kinds of as automatic driving, transplanting, horizontal seedling throwing, and many others.

The motor is equipped with a gasoline motor to make electricity, and the operation of numerous elements is controlled by means of a gearbox and clutch. The electrical power created by the engine is transmitted to the main shaft via the gearbox, and the primary shaft drives the driving wheels by means of a chain push to generate the device to travel. The consumer can change the gearbox situation to accomplish distinct driving speeds as needed. The transplanting components are pushed by a chain wheel that runs synchronously with the main shaft by means of a chain drive, and are driven by each and every drive shaft on the transplanting primary board to rotate the double crank linkage mechanism, thereby driving the transplanting duckbill to comprehensive the reciprocating round movement. The motion is mixed with the ahead movement of the machine, which can make sure the vertical rise and drop of the duckbill and realize the vertical transplanting of crops. The opening and closing of the transplanted duckbill is controlled by a pull wire. In the non-transplanting area, the consumer can change the clutch according to the needs to decide the machine is transplanting or not, the procedure is hassle-free.

Shifting the modifying sprocket of the transplanting transmission system with different figures of tooth can change the planting distance of crops and understand the adjustable plant spacing to satisfy the planting requirements of various crops. The horizontal seedling throwing device is adopted for the seedling placement to make certain that the operators have sufficient time to drop the seedlings, which efficiently minimizes the rate of transplanting seedlings.
The transplanting device is particularly suited for transplanting numerous kinds of seedling crops with nutrition pots, this sort of as tobacco, pepper, eggplant, tomato, sugar beet, and so forth. in tiny plot locations these kinds of as mountainous regions, hills, and plastic greenhouses.


Keep your program on the chopping edge with ep sprockets and discover various premium brand names. Ep sprockets are higher-quality heat-dealt with metal to face up to large shock hundreds, resist wear and provide a long service existence. Alloy and stainless metal sprockets are also available for extra corrosion resistance and food-quality applications
Ep prefabricated steel sprockets are manufactured of C1045 steel, induction hardened or heat-taken care of metal, 400 – 500 BHN hardness. Please specify the resources you need to have. Until normally requested, the outside the house diameter of the hub must be sufficient to accommodate the essential holes and keyways. Keys to these items are not supplied except if asked for or set up on the shaft. Split sprockets for welding or break up sprockets for bolts supply an economical way to put in sprockets on shafts exactly where removing of the shaft assembly is prohibited. Many dimensions of sprockets are outfitted with holes, keyways, and set screws. Discs or partly finished sprockets are also stocked. For long sprockets and idlers, specify the chain dimensions used.

China factory Anon Agricultural Machinery Transplanter Vegetable Tobacco Transplanting Machines     wholesaler

China Standard Qtj4-35 Cement Brick Block Making Machine Price / Block Machinery / Cheap Machines to Make Money with high quality

Merchandise Description


Adopting four-qualified prospects guiding method ,with substantial robust vibration motor and making use of both compression of the upper and the bottom CZPT improve the efficiency and quality, at the exact same time can adapt to the different sorts of substance for numerous blocks. 

Main technological specification:

Molding items   390mm×190mm×190mm   4pcs/mildew
  390mm×240mm×190mm   3pcs/mold
  390mm×120mm×190mm   6pcs/mold
  240mm×115mm×53mm  21pcs/mould
 (Observe:The mould according to your requirement)
Molding cycle   35s/time
Vibration frequency   2800rpm
Productiveness   2000-2500 pcs/day(count by amount of for every mold)
Interesting electricity   28KN
Electricity   9.7KW(Whole energy in the next page)
Vibration type   Platform vibration
Pallet dimension   850mm×460mm×40mm(thirty)mm



QTJ4 – 35 variety electric block forming equipment, the host can be operated independently, also can be equipped with a belt conveyor, a pipeline 
mixer. The host contains a vibration resource, transmission, lifting, pushing, hopper, die electrical management box program.
Lifting program: compose of cycloid pin motor, sprockets, raise arm, axle sleeve and hanging pin, positioning pin.
the cycloid pin motor with 1.5 kilowatt driven spindle at both finishes of crank arm. Elevate and reduce the mold in parallel driven by the lift arm, The higher mold and beam hanging by both sides, balanced in the positioning plate. Hanging from the higher mildew.make upper mould leave the molding box smoothly.
Vibration system: beneath vibration compose of 2 established vibrator mix with 3KW. vibration above shaped by a 1.5KW vibrator up and down.

Uncooked substance :

QTJ4 – 35 type block equipment consist of normal concrete and lightweight concrete raw components, can use river sand, mechanism sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, stone and other components. Meanwhile,it can also use cinder, fly ash, pumice stone, ceramic, perlite, shale and other materials, broad suitability, as prolonged as the uncooked components with the electricity electric power, it can be created.

Foundation Drawing:





In excess of time, the sprocket tooth wear out thanks to friction caused by the consistent bodily get in touch with in between the sprocket enamel and the sprocket. ep manufactures smart tooth sprockets with put on indicator pins. These visual dress in indicators explain to operators and inspectors when sprockets are nevertheless doing work properly and when they need to be changed.
The enamel of a solitary pitch sprocket mesh with a single tooth for every sprocket. Double pitch sprockets appear like single pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other teeth. This indicates that a double-pitch sprocket has the exact same amount of enamel as a solitary-pitch sprocket, but only fifty percent of the teeth are engaged with the chain. The major big difference is that the double pitch sprockets are minimize with a unique pitch circle diameter for best engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the identical if the number of tooth is 32 or much more for solitary and double chains.

China Standard Qtj4-35 Cement Brick Block Making Machine Price / Block Machinery / Cheap Machines to Make Money     with high quality