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China best Hydraulic Type Sausage Processing Machine Stuffer with Great quality

Solution Description

Hydraulic Variety Sausage Processing Machine Stuffer Description :

The equipment adopts superior technological innovation, use of pneumatic, photoelectric handle basic principle, outfitted with micro-electric powered management style and manufacture of a new variety of tools, can ongoing automatic quantitative filling, kink, suitable for normal casings, protein casing filling kink, basic procedure, Simple maintenance, excellent repeatability, quantitative and accurate, with a helper auxiliary operate, is a substantial efficiency, simple to function the excellent product.

one.Equipment with beautiful appearance, little and exquisite, device use stainless steel make .

2.Straightforward to work and clean.

three. Quantitative accuracy, quantitative error ± 2g (four hundred grams).
4. Scope: can be loaded with meat and tiny meat blocks merchandise.
five. Simple to thoroughly clean, quantitative can be arbitrarily adjustable in between 20-1000 grams.
six. Can be filled with meat blocks, meat paste merchandise, filling speed adjustable, 30-40time / min.
7. With the dual-card machine can be used solitary-tube, double-tube and quick-alter two-tube 3 forms of filling, the use of swift-change double tube, double generation potential.

Two :
A Quick Introduction to the Structure of Pneumatic Quantitative Kneading:

The equipment is primarily composed of feed portion, quantitative part, main cylinder, cylinder, valve cylinder, kink rotation method, kinker, discharge element and so on.
Quantitative component of the primary by the quantitative manual rod, fine-tuning nut, positioning bumps, positioning screws. Mainly alter the sum of quantitative, in accordance to the require to adjust.
Feed portion of the main hopper, quantitative cylinder, piston rod, piston, seals, flanges and other factors.

The electrical power of the feed is from the principal cylinder of the air supply, driven by the major cylinder piston rod handle feed. The principal cylinder is positioned at the bottom of the device.

The air supply energy from the cylinder is used to management the rotation arm of the growth, the arm travel the rotary valve to control discharge .

The kink method is primarily utilised to compress the air as a driving pressure, the linear motion of the cylinder into a rotary movement, through the sprocket chain to the kink, by way of the synchronous CZPT to twist synchronizer and casing tube to reverse.
Specification & Price :

    1.Hopper quantity:35L(50L)
    2. Working pace: 30times / min
    3. Min filling quantity: 10grams / time
    4. Max filling quantity : 500 grams / time
    5. Voltage :220V   50VA
    6. Air compressor strain: .5MP
   7. Dimension (LxWxH) : 540X420X1560(mm)

Hydraulic Variety Sausage Processing Device Stuffer More Photos:

Hydraulic Variety Sausage Processing Machine Stuffer Main Info:

Hydraulic sausage machine is widely relevant to all varieties of intestinal goods irrigation. In specific, the a lot more dry stuffing filling equipment relative to other more efficient. The upper element of the device is equipped with storage hopper and disc valve, which can recognize continuous filling CZPT lifting the include and boost function efficiency.

one. Using SUS304 good quality foods grade stainless steel, reputable and resilient, easy to clean, in line with meals safety specifications.
2. Piston hydraulic push, aligning the doing work stress in the hydraulic cylinder below the motion of the content in the cylinder right after the stress of the materials out of the materials for a wider assortment, specially for the a lot more dry stuffing relative to other sausage machine Far more effective.
three. Products overall structure is realistic, handsome in visual appeal, steady performance, easy operation and simple maintenance.

Design YG-30 YG-fifty
Ability (instances /kg) 200-300 three hundred-five hundred
Hopper (L) 30 50
Electrical power (kw) one.5 1.five
Filling range(Q) 12-48 12-forty eight
Dimension(mm) 1050*670*1680 1150*700*1760
Weight(kg) 360 450

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China best Hydraulic Type Sausage Processing Machine Stuffer     with Great quality